Starting a Business

Starting a Business

Applying for a work permit
Apply to the South African embassy or from your own countries consulate for a temporary work permit or a permit for self employment in South Africa . An application, along with a business plan , has to be submitted at least eight weeks before the expiry date of the last permit endorsed in your passport .
The following will help with your application
Proven track record, audit trail and police record
Amount of money to be invested in South Africa
Viability and sustainability of the proposed business
The number of South Africans to be employed – at least two jobs for south African citizens must be created
The business plan must include the following
Executive summary

Business description
Market analysis
Marketing and sales activity
Product research and development
Manufacturing and delivery operations
Funds required
Organisation and personnel
Financial data
The following documents and fees must be submitted with the application
Audited financial statements
Feasibility study
Proof of sufficient funds for business and personal expenses , including a written confirmation by a banking institution reflecting foreign capital available or foreign exchange transactions of capital transferred to South Africa
Short and long term objectives including expected income and number of South Africans to be employed
Curriculum vitae with certified copies of qualifications
Testimonial or service certificates from previous employers indicating the applicants competence and skills
Medical certificate
Radiological certificate
Repatriation guarantee, amount equal to the cost of a return air ticket to the applicants home country
Police clearance certificate
Marriage or divorce certificate, full birth certificates of children
Original passport
Foreign employees

Business Formats That Foreigners May Form
Sole proprietorships
Close corporations
Private companies
Branch of a foreign company
Business trusts

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